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PTC Circle is one of the largest Smart School Education Services provider company in Northern India, established at Rohtak, Haryana since 2010. PTC Circle is a fastgrowing and technology-driven company working in education sector. We offer full product lifecycle services from architecture, design, development and integration to implementation and quality support. Our Software services include Software Development, Web Application Development, e-Commerce Solutions, Mobile App Development, QA and Software Testing, SEO etc. We Expert in school related services like; Complete School Management ERP, Robotics Lab, English Language Lab, School Uniforms, Smart Classes, 3D Lab, Hardware Solutions, Biometric Solutions etc. With-in depth understanding of the Indian education Sector and knowledge of the requirements, we emerge as leaders through quality and product innovation....

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Our ID Cards Services

Simple ID Cards

This identification card features areas to add important details of your employees such as name, designation, code, etc. Other than this, it provides space for company’s name, logo at the top and address at the bottom. The white background of the ID card makes the details imprinted on it clearly visible even from a distance.

School & College ID Cards

Our School ID cards are made of high quality card paper with fusion technology and this makes them long-lasting We use high quality card paper for durability and offer several color combinations to distinguish between post graduate, graduate and early college level students.

ID Cards Lanyards

We are Known for their impeccable finish and elegant design.Our Lanyard Cord is precisely designed from extremely skin friendly raw materials. We manufacture, supply, trade and export best quality Multicolored Lanyards

Biometric Smart Card

Our School ID cards are made of high quality card paper with fusion technology and this makes them long-lasting We use high quality card paper for durability and offer several color combinations to distinguish between post graduate, graduate and early college level students.

Proximity Card

A proximity card (also known as prox cards or access control cards) is a card that works with door access control systems to wirelessly unlock the door, replacing a traditional key and lock. Prox cards make it easy to restrict access to a campus, building, or secured area

UHF Card

UHF is an acronym for "Ultra high frequency" cards This card is frequency of 860-960 MHz and have the ability to be read at long ranges (up to 20+ feet away). Excellent credential for tracking important, high value assets, streamline your warehouse storage facilities and even help manage ski slope usage by tracking patrons and which slopes are being utilized most.

Employee ID Cards

Our highly attractive and professional looking employee ID cards come fusing technology for protection against water spills and dust and enhance the sturdiness.

Printed Plastic Cards

There are several ID cards printing options available. Our expertise of experienced people will help you to make the right choice based on the functionality you require.


RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels (defined below) are captured by a reader via radio waves.


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Why PTC Circle ?

  • We value and are constantly on the look out of the interest of our customers. Your queries or needs are always considered even when there are too many things to deal with.
  • We have good reputation in schools as we are leading School ID Cards Manufacturer (School ID Cards Supplier). Schools contact us for manufacturing the PVC cards and get best results with timely delivery. Now a days 80% schools wants to use PVC ID cards and we are the leading school id cards manufacturer.
  • We assure better quality standards even when the quantity is large for us to handle.
  • We have highly skilled and experienced team of professionals are truly the best among others to deliver you with better results , contentment proficiently.
  • With us you can get to choose from the finest quality of Plastic Cards. We make sure that the entire plastic cards assortment is checked for quality before it is delivered to the client.
  • You can get the timely delivery of services within the price range that suits you.
  • Regardless of the project or the size of the investment, our dedication is always consistent and above 100%.
  • We offer endless color combinations and designs.
  • Quality control is never forgotten no matter how huge the order might be.
  • Our relationship doesn’t end after your needs have been dispatched. We are always happy to know about how much we have helped you to emboss your brand in the industry throughout these time and also way ahead.
  • The mode of payment with us is simple and secure.

Our Values

Individually our values may seem obvious. But put them together and our unique company culture is born. Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.
We Are One Team :

Our great colleagues make the difference. It’s when we share our skills, knowledge and experience we become one team. Diversity makes us strong.

Entrepreneurial Spirit :

The day we stop acting like entrepreneurs, we’ll be just another fashion company.

Straightforward And Open-Minded :

We value diversity in people and ideas, as much as in personal style.

Cost-Conscious :

Being cost-conscious is about keeping an eye on expenses and making smart, sustainable choices even in the small, everyday things.

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 #45, 3rd & 4th Floor, DLF,
Rohtak, Haryana-124001

 #546, 5th Floor, JMD Megapolis,
Sector-48, Sohna Road,
Gurugram, Haryana-122018

  IVR : 9038989899
DIRECT :+91-9355444644, 9355522263
Technical Queries : 7027066671

  mail : ptc.services105@gmail.com
Operation Dept. : operations@ptccircle.com

Mon-Sat: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

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